A site for soliciting donations of used shoes which are distributed to the homeless.
After 9-11-01 I was  watching a CNN report about Afghan soldiers. As I watched, I noticed that most of them had no shoes. SOLE PURPOSE was born.  I quickly found out it was going to be tough getting shoes to Afghanistan so I began to research locally  and found out that a homeless person wears out a pair of shoes every 6-8 weeks and there are more than 350,000 homeless in the state of California. The need for shoes is endless!  Sole Purpose took off in February, 2002. Shoe Crews are popping up nationwide and collectively, Sole Purpose has donated over 15,000 pairs of Shoes.  Dave and Kyle Waters' Shoe Crew collected over 400 shoes in Battlecreek, Michigan in one day!   I'll help you get started. You can read about some of the details in the NEWS section.

Get involved!
Kristina Radnoti

Homeless Statistics
40% are children
20% of the homeless work
Every 6-8 weeks a homeless person wears out one pair of shoes.
An unpaid bill, or health problem can easily push a fimaly over the financial edge and into homelessness.