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Wolf's Purpose Is...

on January 01, 2021

To develop the economy of Africa

The Wolf of Congo is a self-acclaimed stock market guru who has mastered the art of investing. Through his journey from Congo to the United States, the Wolf has always lived true to his purpose by giving back to his motherland.

One of the greatest rise to riches stories of all time, the Wolf has developed the mental strength that has allowed him to now live in fulfillment with his family, his academy students, and his philanthropy for his nation.

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Wolf of Congo's Design

At the age of 12, the Wolf discovered his mentor in Congo who introduced him to the stock market. Ever since then, the Wolf has been determined to master his own craft and give back to his community. The Wolf looks to teach his people how to accumulate their own wealth instead of just giving them money. The Wolf is now on a mission to grow the economy and emphasis on capitalism in Congo and Africa, as a whole!

"Give a man fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you feed him for his lifetime." -Italian proverb

Even if they tell me you cannot build your house on the moon, [I say] yes we can do it. There is always a way.

- The Wolf of Congo