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Supes' Purpose Is...

on February 09, 2021

To inspire others to be their own hero

As a child, Matthew Ramos looked up to superheros for inspiration and strength through difficult times, as he was bullied for being different. Today, Supes (his alias) is the role model that his followers look up to as he creates content and engages with millions on TikTok and Instagram!

Supes recognizes the power of inspiration that superheros have and channels that same energy out to the world. He is committed to bettering the world by touching the lives of those who feel powerless by uplifting them with his content!

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Supes' Design

During his childhood, Supes looked up to the superhero characters drawn on his shirt. They were his role models and he began living to make the same difference they had on his life.

Supes is being handed his very own superhero costume, as he influences millions through his platforms for the better!

You are your own superhero.

- Matthew Ramos